Paglione Peeled Tomatoes, 500g


The King of the Italian cuisine. Tomatoes, once harvested, are peeled by hand, one by one, and then placed in jars in brine



These are full of family passion and Pugliese sun. Three generations of the Albano and Faccilongo families toil under the hot Pugliese sun in the tavoliere, or plain, of southern Italy’s heel, where wheat, olives, tomatoes and fruit abound and make it the breadbasket of Italy. The family cultivates and harvests its organic tomatoes by hand on its four acres of tomato fields. Each day is a labor of love as the tomatoes transform from seedlings in early May to pregnant, ripe fruit exploding with flavor by early July. The tomatoes are then manually cleaned, blanched, peeled and jarred to deliver the most wholesome and authentic, pristine tomatoes, with no additives. Each jar is a taste of the Mediterranean sun.

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