GMW Supper Club

Join the GMW Supper Club!

This meal kit service is available every week for pick up at the shop from Wednesday 4pm to Thursday 7pm.  It celebrates family recipes handed down from the Apennine Mountains and Adriatic sea of central Italy,  featuring our direct import Italian food products.

Kit includes a recipe with story, and all necessary ingredients to make the meal.  All you need at home is running water, salt, pepper, an oven, a stove and plate and silverware! Buon appetito!




FEBRUARY  1 & 2, 2023

Cannelloni with Veal and Porcini

$14 per serving.

Cannelloni, stuffed and baked pasta rolls, are made extra winter-y with the addition of veal and earthy mushrooms.  This dish is worth the wait!  Cook time = 90  min


FEBRUARY  8 & 9, 2023

Vincigrassi Lasagna

$15 per serving.

Good Mansion Wines is famous for bringing this classic Italian dish from the Marche region to the Ohio Valley! It is a rich dish made with our homemade ragu and cheese sauce–unforgettable!  Minimum order of 2 servings. Cook time = 70 minutes


FEBRUARY  15 & 16, 2023

Risotto with Seafood

$15 per serving.

Slow cooking a Risotto and topping it with shellfish is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Pair this meal with a bottle of sparkling wine and a few GMW desserts to show how you care! Cook time = 1 hour


FEBRUARY  22  & 23, 2023

Gnocchi with Duck Ragu

$15 per serving.

We’ll make the dough, but you make the Gnocchi and an incredible duck ragu to go with them! Cook time = 1 hour