GMW Supper Club

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This meal kit service is available every week for pick up at the shop from Wednesday 4pm to Thursday 7pm.  It celebrates family recipes handed down from the Apennine Mountains and Adriatic sea of central Italy,  featuring our direct import Italian food products.

Kit includes a recipe with story, and all necessary ingredients to make the meal.  All you need at home is running water, salt, pepper, an oven, a stove and plate and silverware! Buon appetito!



September 2020

SEPTEMBER 2&3, 2020

Pappardelle with White Truffle Cream Sauce, Chicken, Salad

$15 per serving.

Pappardelle di Campofilone with a cream and white truffle oil sauce, with a second of baked seasoned chicken leg with a salad

SEPTEMBER 9&10, 2020

Pasta alla Carbonara, Spinach

$10 per serving.

Pasta Mancini mezze maniche with guanciale, Pecorino Romano and egg with a side of spinach.

SEPTEMBER 16&17, 2020

Pasta alla Norcina with Spinach

$12 per serving.

Pasta Mancini mezze maniche with black truffle and mushroom paste, cream and sausage, with a side of spinach.

SEPTEMBER 23&24, 2020

Polenta Gnocchi with Grilled Chicken

$10 per serving.

Ancient ground polenta gnocchi with a red sauce, with a second of a grilled chicken leg.


Pasta all’Amatriciana with Roasted Pork, Swisschard

$13 per serving.

The classic amatriciana with guanciale and Pasta Gentile bucatini with a second course of roasted pork and a side of swisschard

October 2020

OCTOBER 7&8, 2020

Brodo Adriatico

$15 per serving.

A smorgasbord of frutta da mare shellfish in a tomato, leek, carrot and onion stew served over our toasted baguette seasoned with garlic.  


OCTOBER 14&15, 2020

Tagliatelle with Wild Boar &  Dandelion

$15 per serving.

Tagliatelle di Campofilone with a slow cooked red sauce with marinated wild boar, with a side of dandelion  


OCTOBER 21&22, 2020

Chicken Incaciati Ravioli with Salad

$12 per serving.

Our to-die-for chicken ravioli with a slowcooked chicken and prosciutto filling in a cinnamon, parmigiano and butter sauce, with a side salad  


OCTOBER 28&29, 2020

Pumpkin Ravioli in a Butter and Sage Sauce, Lamb, Spinach

$15 per serving.

Celebrate Halloween with this classic ravioli alla Mantovana, with our homemade pumpkin, quince and amaretto filling and a second course of lamb with a side of spinach