GMW Supper Club

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This meal kit service is available every week for pick up at the shop from Wednesday 4pm to Thursday 7pm.  It celebrates family recipes handed down from the Apennine Mountains and Adriatic sea of central Italy,  featuring our direct import Italian food products.

Kit includes a recipe with story, and all necessary ingredients to make the meal.  All you need at home is running water, salt, pepper, an oven, a stove and plate and silverware! Buon appetito!



February 2020

FEBRUARY 5&6, 2020
Cannelloni with Veal and Porcini
$12 per serving
Lasagna sheets from Campofilone rolled with a veal, chicken and porcini mushroom stuffing topped with a bechamel.

FEBRUARY 12&13, 2020
Vincisgrassi Lasagna (minimum 2 servings please)
$15 per serving
Six layers of lasagna sheets from Campofilone layered with a slow cooked ragu of veal, chicken liver and pork, bechamel and Parmigiano Reggiano.

FEBRUARY 19&20, 2020
Risotto with Seafood
$15 per serving
Zaccaria carnaroli rice with a frutta da mare combination of shrimp, calamari, and other delights in a red sauce.

FEBRUARY 26&27, 2020
Conchiglioni with Pork Ragu, Spinach (2 hours cook time needed)
$14 per serving
Gentile conchiglioni shell shaped pasta from Gragnano, with a slow cooked pork butt, pancetta and tomato ragu, with a side of spinach.

March 2020

MARCH 4& 5, 2020
Drunken Tuna with Crusted Baguette
$13 per serving
Tuna in a butter, anchovie, lemon, caper and marsala sauce served with a crusted baguette


MARCH 11&12, 2020
Lamb with Rice on Frico
$15 per serving
A lamb shoulder grilled with rosemary on a bed of arborio rice on top of a Montasio Fresco cheese crisp

MARCH 18&19, 2020
Rabbit all’Offidana
$15 per serving
Rabbit slow cooked in olive oil, white wine, Ascolana olives and vegetables to perfection with a baguette to sop it up

MARCH 25 &26, 2020
Prosciutto & Anchovy Rolls with Linguine in Lemon Sauce
$10 per serving
Linguine di Campofilone in a simple lemon sauce for a first course, followed with prosciutto wrapped around anchovies and sage leave, baked with bread crumbs  

April 2020

APRIL 1&2, 2020
Chicken with Tomato and Rosemary, Risotto with Onion and Parmigiano A first course of  risotto with carnaroli rice, onion and parmigiano with a second course of chicken thigh cooked in a tomato, rosemary and white wine

APRIL 8&9, 2020
Monkfish in Tomato Sauce with Maccheroncini with Garlic and Oil
$15 per serving
A first course of Maccheroncini di Campofilone with garlic and oil with a second course of monkfish cooked with tomato, rosemary, marjoram, red pepper and white wine

APRIL 15&16, 2020
Gnocchi with Pork Ragu (2 hour cook time)
$12 per serving
Our homemade potato gnocchi with a tomato ragu with pork butt, pancetta, porcini and vegetables

APRIL 22&23, 2020
Penne with Sardines, Salad
$10 per serving
A lovely spring dish of Pasta Mancini penne with a sardine, anchovy, onion, garlic and tomato sauce with a side salad with Ricotta Salata

APRIL 29&30, 2020
Tagliatelle with Ramps, Pork Medallion, Salad
$15 per serving
Fresh ramps from the farm of Ralph and Gina Smith served over Tagliatelle di Campofilone, with a second course of pork medallion in marsala and a side spring salad