Deci’ova Pasta di Campofilone 8.8 oz


100% hand-made egg pasta from Campofilone, Italy

This egg pasta is Italy’s first classified pasta and comes from a centuries-old tradition handed down from mothers to daughters generation after generation in the medieval hilltown of Campofilone, overlooking the Adriatic coast near Ascoli Piceno, Italy.  All pasta contains only durum wheat semolina, wheat 00 flour and eggs.  The wheat is grown at the Carassai family farm and run through a water mill much the way it has been since 1850. As many as ten eggs are used per kilogram of flour (hence “deciova” in dialect), with no dilution from water or oil.  The pasta is hand cut with sharp knives and meticulously dried for 24 hours in a low heat, controlled environment.  This all makes Pasta di Campofilone worth its name and coveted all over the world for its succulent taste and delicate mouth feel.  We believe it is Italy’s best pasta!

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