Kazzen Caper Fruits in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 175g


Large Caper fruits from Pantelleria, Italy

Along with southeastern Spain and Turkey, the Italian islands of Pantelleria and Salina are home to the caper bush, which thrives in harsh, arid climates. Pantelleria is a tiny volcanic island belonging to the region of Sicily, only 60 kilometers from Tunisia, which can be seen on a clear day. The island is famous for its capers, intensely aromatic without harsh herbal notes, ideal for salads, pasta sauces and chicken, fish or pork garnishes. Kazzen, a family company born out of a dream of three brothers to bring Pantelleria’s gems to the world, harvests and bottles these capers completely by hand. These caper fruits are large and succulent, ideal for appetizers. Although they look like olives, they have no pit, but rather tiny edible seeds inside.