There is a saying form Modena that goes like this:
‘He who goes slowly, goes healthily and far’.
Nothing is truer for our vinegar.
It goes slowly, in the sense that in order to mature

it takes the time that it needs.
It goes healthily, because it is Mother Nature who makes it.
It goes far, because its known all over the world.
We first were introduced to the owners of Acetomodena, the Vecchi family and their faithful Scottish-Italian national representative, Gary, in 2014. At that time, the success of our Olio Tenero Ascolana del Piceno olive oil had tipped us into the import business, and our colleague Rita in Rome was eager for us to embark on a second product of excellence. With a goal of bypassing the industrial food chain that still dominates the U.S. Italian food import market to this day, we had our eyes set on the next product of renown—balsamic from Modena, the hot plain of the Po River Valley, made by one of the handful of family producers who could count their history in Modena back for hundreds and hundreds of years.

A Gem of Italy: Tenera Ascolana Olive

Ascolana Tenera olives are considered one of the finest olives in the world.
Prized for their tenderness and delicate flavor, they grow mostly in the Marche region of Italy’s Adriatic coast. Groves sit along the Ascolano hillsides that surround the medieval city of Ascoli Piceno with green olives ripening in the sea breeze.  As you will see, it is a beautiful thing to know where your olives come from.