December 5, 2014 6 PM
Christmas Wines and Cheeses
Open House Happy Hour Wine and Cheese Tasting
A huge sampling of our selection of imported holiday wines and cheeses that will give you a preview of the huge selection we have to offer for parties, family dinners and gifts. Grand cru Alsatian Rieslings, Barolo, California Cabernet, Red Burgundies, Priorat, Amarone, Pinot Gris, and so much more.  Fourme d’Ambert, Roquefort, Epoisses, Bra Duro, Cantal, Montasio Fresco cheeses and more. Served with our “tradition” baguettes and imported Italian and Spanish salumi, L’Olio Tenero olive oil, pates, Acetomodena Balsamics, and Pommery mustards.   Presented by Good Mansion Wines staff.
$20 at the door, no reservations needed.
Event limited to 50 people. First come, first served.


December 12, 2014 6 PM
Nebbiolo versus Pinot Noir
Happy Hour Tasting
These two grapes produce wines that by some accounts can be remarkably similar– supple, finessed and aromatic, with a sweet tannin at times, capable of resulting in hugely big and earthy wines, capable of years of aging.  We wrap these bottles up for a tasting comparison of Langhe, Gattinara and Barbaresco on the Nebbiolo side and Cote de Nuits and Oregon Pinot Noirs on the Pinot Noir side.  Presented by Good Mansion Wines staff.  Served with an assortment of our imported Piedmont cheeses and our “tradition” baguettes.
$15 at the door, no reservations needed

December 19, 2014 6 PM
Christmas Treasures
Open House Happy Hour Tasting
It’s our beloved annual celebration of classic Christmas aperitif and dessert wines, as well as an assortment of reds and whites.  Join us as we sample ruby ports, tawny ports, late bottled vintage ports, dry Amontillado sherry, Pedro Ximenez sweet sherry, Champagne and Cremant, as well as an assortment of reds and whites, in this very classic toast to Christmas.  Start your Christmas week with Wheeling’s Finest.  Then shop for last minute gifts from our vast trove of imported wines, cheeses and foods.  Served with our “tradition” baguettes and a light assortment of imported French, Spanish and English blue cheeses.
$15 at the door, no reservations needed


December 26, 2014 6 PM
Our Favorite Christmas Wines 2014 
Happy Hour Tasting
We showcase some of our most popular and beloved Christmas wines on Christmas weekend.  Bring your friends and family in town for the weekend to Wheeling’s most beautiful shop – full of live Christmas trees, wines, cheeses, imported Italian and French products, and so much more.  A truly special way to celebrate Wheeling’s Finest. Served with a light assortment of our imported cheeses.  Open house format.
$15 at the door, no reservations needed