OCTOBER 7&8, 2020

Brodo Adriatico

$15 per serving.

A smorgasbord of frutta da mare shellfish in a tomato, leek, carrot and onion stew served over our toasted baguette seasoned with garlic.  


OCTOBER 14&15, 2020

Tagliatelle with Wild Boar &  Dandelion

$15 per serving.

Tagliatelle di Campofilone with a slow cooked red sauce with marinated wild boar, with a side of dandelion  


OCTOBER 21&22, 2020

Chicken Incaciati Ravioli with Salad

$12 per serving.

Our to-die-for chicken ravioli with a slowcooked chicken and prosciutto filling in a cinnamon, parmigiano and butter sauce, with a side salad  


OCTOBER 28&29, 2020

Pumpkin Ravioli in a Butter and Sage Sauce, Lamb, Spinach

$15 per serving.

Celebrate Halloween with this classic ravioli alla Mantovana, with our homemade pumpkin, quince and amaretto filling and a second course of lamb with a side of spinach