NOVEMBER 6&7, 2019
Chicken Incaciati & Salad
$12 per serving
Our homemade ravioli filled with a slow cooked whole chicken, prosciutto and breadcrumb stuffing served in a butter and cinnamon sauce, with a side salad

NOVEMBER 13&14, 2019
Chestnut Agnolotti & Sausage
$12 per serving
Our homemade chestnut ravioli served in a cream and thyme sauce, with a second course of our homemade sausage

NOVEMBER 20&21, 2019
Cacio e Pepe, Grigliata & Salad
$14 per serving
Pasta Mancini spaghetti with a Cacio de Roma and black pepper sauce, with a second course of a mixed grill of marinated rib eye, pork rib and homemade sausage and a side of spinach

NOVEMBER 27&28, 2019