MARCH 1&2, 2023

Drunken Tuna with Crusted Baguette

$13 per serving.

Yellow fin tuna sauteed in  butter and marsala with a bit of anchovie with a side of our French baguette to sop it  up.   Cook time = 45  min


MARCH  8&9, 2023

Risotto with Porcini, Chicken

$13 per serving.

A first course of Zaccaria carnaroli risotto with porcini mushrooms and a second course of baked chicken.  Cook time = 45 minutes


MARCH 15 & 16, 2023

Rabbit all’Offidana

$15 per serving.

A beautiful rabbit cacciatore with carrots, onions, celery, Ascolana olives and lemon slow cooked in white wine sauce, with a side of our French baguette to sop it up.  Cook time = 1 hour 30 min


MARCH  22  & 23, 2023

Prosciutto and Anchovie Rolls with Linguine in Lemon Sauce

$12 per serving.

Prosciutto crudo di Parma wrapped around anchovies and sage leaves and baked, with a first course of a Linguine di Campofilone with a simple lemon sauce. Cook time = 45 min


MARCH  29  & 30, 2023

Lamb with Rice on Frico

$15 per serving.

Lamb shoulder baked with olive oil, rosemary and garlic on a bed of Zaccaria Armonio basmati-style rice over a Montasio cheese crisp. Cook time = 45 min