MARCH 6, 7, 2019
Drunken Tuna with Crusted Baguette
$13 per serving
This is ideal for Ash Wednesday- tuna seared with marsala, anchovies, capers and lemon with our toasted homemade baguette

MARCH 13, 14, 2019
Chicken with Rosemary & Tomato, Risotto with Onion & Parmigiano
$13 per serving
Chicken thighs braised in tomato, white wine, rosemary and garlic with a first course of risotto

MARCH 20, 21, 2019
Gnocchi with Pork Ragu
$12 per serving
Our homemade gnocchi with a slow cooked pork ragu in tomato, vegetables and mushroom. 2 HOURS COOK TIME REQURIED

MARCH 27, 28, 2019
Lamb with Rice on Frico
$15 per serving
Lamb shoulder seasoned with rosemary and garlic on a bed of arborio rice served on top of a Montasio cheese crisp