JUNE 2&3 2021

Penne with Salmon and Anisette Cream Sauce

$12 per serving.

A wonderful first course of Pasta Mancini penne with a salmon, scallion, tomato, cream and Meletti Anisette sauce with fresh basil.


JUNE 9&10, 2021

Pasta with Olive & Garlic, Chicken & Shallot

$11 per serving.

A first course of Pasta Mancini spaghetti with an Ascolana olive and olive oil sauce, with a second course of chicken thigh with shallot, herbs, white wine and cream


JUNE 16&17, 2021

Tagliatelle with Fresh Black Truffle, Pork and Greens

$15 per serving.

Our annual fresh black truffle supper with our directly imported black truffles shipped from Italy to Wheeling in 2 days on our fresh homemade tagliatelle, with a second course of roasted pork and a side of greens.  Cook time = 40 min


JUNE 23&24, 2021

Mixed Grigliata of Lamb, Steak & Pork with Spinach an Baguette

$15 per serving.

Our annual summer mixed grill with marinated cuts of lamb, steak and pork with a side of spinach and our French baguette. Cook time = 30 min


JUNE 30 & JULY 1, 2021

Risotto with Saffron, Chicken

$12 per serving.

Zaccaria risotto with saffron for a first course with a simple baked marinated chicken as a second course.  Cook time = 45 min