JANUARY 1&2, 2020

JANUARY 8&9, 2020
Risotto with Porcini, Chicken
$13 per serving
Zaccaria carnaroli rice with Bottega del Fungo porcini mushroom, with a second course of chicken leg in spices.

JANUARY 15&16, 2020
Lentil Soup with Prosciutto, Sausage & Bread
$14 per serving
Dupuy lentils in a slow cooked soup with prosciutto, porcini mushrooms and vegetables with a second course of sausage and our baguettes

JANUARY 22&23, 2020
Spinach Tagliatelle with a Cream and Nutmeg Sauce, Pork Tenderloin, Salad
$12 per serving
Our homemade spinach tagliatelle with a cream sauce accented with nutmeg and a second course of seasoned pork tenderloin with a salad.

JANUARY 29&30, 2020
Polenta with Taleggio & Sausage
$10 per serving
Our ancient ground polenta with taleggio cheese melted into it at the end, topped with our homemade sausage.