FEBRUARY 2&3, 2022

Pasta with Pork Ragu, Spinach

$14 per serving.

Voluptuous southern Italian pasta with a ragu of slow cooked pork butt, pancetta and tomato. Cook time = 2 hr


FEBRUARY 9&10, 2022

Vincisgrassi Lasagna

$15 per serving. MINIMUM 2 SERVINGS

Our beloved Marchigiano lasagna, just in time for Valentine’s Day weekend, with a slow cooked veal, pork, porcini and chicken liver ragu with succulent Campofilone egg lasagna sheets, bechamel and parmigiano.  The best lasagna you will ever have.. Cook time = 1 hr 10 min


FEBRUARY 16&17, 2022

Risotto with Seafood

$15 per serving.

A smorgasbord of frutta da mare and fish in a red sauce on a bed of Zaccaria carnaroli risotto.  Cook time = 45 min to 1 hr


FEBRUARY 23&24, 2022

Gnocchi with Duck Ragu

$15 per serving.

Our homemade potato gnocchi made with Petra Type 00 flour and local eggs, with a rich, decadent, slow cooked duck and tomato ragu with juniper berry and bay leaf accent.  Cook time = 1 hr