FEBRUARY 3&4, 2021

Conchiglioni Pasta with Pork Ragu, Spinach (2 hour prep time)

$14 per serving.

A slow cooked pork butt and pancetta ragu served over Pasta Gentile Conchiglioni shell shaped pasta with a side of spinach


FEBRUARY 10&11, 2021

Vincisgrassi Lasagna (2 serving minimum)

$15 per serving.

An intoxicating winter dish for a romantic Valentine’s Day week, with a slow cooked ragu of pork, veal, prosciutto and chicken liver smothered between layers of bechamel, sprinkles of Parmigiano and Sfloglie di Campofilone lasagna sheets. This regional lasagna from Le Marche is the best in all of Italy!


FEBRUARY 17&18, 2021

Risotto with Seafood

$15 per serving.

Creamy Zaccaria arborio rice with a tomato based sauce containing a frutta da mare mix of shrimp, calamari and other shellfish


FEBRUARY 24&25, 2021

Gnocchi with Duck Ragu

$15 per serving.

A classic winter dish of a slow cooked, tomato based, duck ragu accented with bay leaf and juniper on our homemade gnocchi