FEBRUARY 5&6, 2020
Cannelloni with Veal and Porcini
$12 per serving
Lasagna sheets from Campofilone rolled with a veal, chicken and porcini mushroom stuffing topped with a bechamel.

FEBRUARY 12&13, 2020
Vincisgrassi Lasagna (minimum 2 servings please)
$15 per serving
Six layers of lasagna sheets from Campofilone layered with a slow cooked ragu of veal, chicken liver and pork, bechamel and Parmigiano Reggiano.

FEBRUARY 19&20, 2020
Risotto with Seafood
$15 per serving
Zaccaria carnaroli rice with a frutta da mare combination of shrimp, calamari, and other delights in a red sauce.

FEBRUARY 26&27, 2020
Conchiglioni with Pork Ragu, Spinach (2 hours cook time needed)
$14 per serving
Gentile conchiglioni shell shaped pasta from Gragnano, with a slow cooked pork butt, pancetta and tomato ragu, with a side of spinach.