AUGUST 7&8, 2019
Pasta with Red Pepper, Chicken Cacciatore
$13 per serving
Pasta Mancini spaghetti with a slow sauteed red pepper in olive oil sauce, with a second course of chicken thigh pan cooked with Paglione tomato, lemon, onion, anise, clove, rosemary and garlic.

AUGUST 14&15, 2019
Polenta with Shellfish and Tomato Sauce
$13 per serving
A frutta da mare mix of shrimp, baby clam and scallop cooked in a tomato, onion and white wine served over polenta.

AUGUST 21&22, 2019
Cod with Tomatoes and Potatoes, Escarole Salad
$15 per serving
Cod pan cooked with tomatoes, potatoes, anchovies, onion, black olives, parsley ans white wine, with an escarole salad on the side.

AUGUST 28&29, 2019
Pappardelle with Porcini, Chicken with Fennel
$13 per serving
Our homemade pappardelle with our directly imported porcini from Bottega del Fungo, with a second course of chicken thigh baked with fennel, spices and olive oil.