APRIL 3, 4, 2019
Risotto with Truffle, Quail
$14 per serving
Our directly imported risotto with black truffle, with marinated and grilled quail.

APRIL 10, 11, 2019
Proscutto & Anchovy Rolls with Linguine in a Lemon Sauce
$10 per serving
Salted anchovies in a bread crumb and sage mixture wrapped with cured prosciutto with a first course of linguine with a lemon and olive oil sauce

APRIL 17, 18, 2019
Tagliatelle with Porcini and Grilled Lamb Chops
$15 per serving
Our homemade tagliatelle with a simple butter sauce with our imported porcini mushrooms as a first course, followed by grilled lamb chops and spinach

APRIL 24, 25, 2019
Penne with Sardines, Salad
$10 per serving
A lovely light spring dish with Pasta Mancini penne with a tomato, anchovy and sardine sauce, with a spring salad