Acetomodena Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Affinato DOP 100 ml


Authentic traditional balsamic vinegar with 100 % cooked grape must, aged 12 years

Acetomodena is one of the few producers from Modena that still venture into the art of making the highly coveted Traditional Balsamic of Modena (ABTM).  These contain only cooked grape must and differ from the more common non-traditional Balsamic from Modena IGP that contain wine vinegar.  The newly harvested local grapes are picked, crushed and cooked resulting in ‘cooked grape must.’  This cooked grape must matures by slow acidification derived from natural processes of fermentation and progressive concentration through long ageing in quality wooden barrels of different types of wood. Affinato passes through 12 years of ageing, controlled by 2 strict consortiums, resulting in a complex aroma and taste.  Affinato (aged) is intensely touchy and complex, soft and sweet with good acidity.  Bottled in the classic ABTM shaped bottle required by Italian DOP regulations.