Bottega del Fungo Funghi Porcini Extra, 50g


Dried top grade mushrooms (boletus edulis) from Parma, Italy

From deep inside the northern Apennines south of Parma, this small family mushroom boutique sources almost all of its porcini locally, where earthy and woodsy mushrooms yield the delicate forest aroma of the mountains. Contrary to virtually all other “porcini” available in the American marketplace that come from China, these dried mushrooms offer you a genuine taste of the Apennine Mountains and are full of flavor that lack in the other dried mushroom imports. Place in warm water for ten to twenty minutes and use in cream pasta sauces or red meat sauces, along with the water they soak in. Usable for up to 18 months, but store in a cool and dry place. Use approximately two grams per person.