Zaccaria Ris Ris Red Rice 500g


Ris Ris Red Rice from the Baraggia of Biella, Italy

Father and son toil long days in the 500 plus acres of rice fields of Biella that produce some of the world’s finest rice for risotto dishes. The mighty Alps to the north deliver fresh spring water through irrigated channels that create an intricate network of gridded rice fields. The Zaccaria family has been harvesting rice for over 150 years, and uses minimal chemicals in the process, preferring the arduous task of weeding by hand to eliminate weeds. It processes its own harvests on site.

The ris ris red grain is a rich, nutty rice that is both buttery and toasty.  When cooked, the interior is fluffy and filling, with an al dente  feel from the outer hull.  Vacuum sealed for longer storage.