Pastificio Gentile Pasta di Gragano, 500 g


Pasta from Grangano, Naples Italy

The multi-generation Zampino family has produced among the very best gran duro pasta in all of Italy since 1876 from Gragano, the legendary “City of Pasta” outside of Naples. The family sources the coveted Senatore Capelli gran duro from the Basilicata region of the arch of Italy, and manual operations extrude the pasta through custom made bronze dyes for a rougher texture that catches and absorbs sauce. The pasta is then dried in the Cirillo method, over low heat and carefully controlled humidity for over two days. The result is voluptuous, meaty short pasta shapes that are ideal for southern Italian tomato sauces, or the classic bucatini shape ideal for Pasta alla Carbonara or Pasta all’Amatriciana. The packaging also makes these the perfect gift for the pasta lover in your life.