Olio Cru Origine – 250ml


Medium fruity monocultivar olive oil from Trentino, Italy

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This medium fruity olive oil from Lake Garda at the foothill of the Alps in the Trentino region is a monocultivar, using 100% pitted Casaliva olives.  A Mediterranean microclimate exists in the belly of a narrow valley that allows for olive production up to 300 meters in elevation.  Replete with grass and almond aromas with a bitter and pungent mouth, ideal for salads, bruschetta or bean soups.  From one of the region’s top awarded producers, Olio Cru.

Early November and end of October 2014 harvest.

469 mg/kg polyphenols, 15% acidity, continuous cold cycle extraction, mechanical and hand harvest.

Awards: Gambero Rosso 3 Leaf, NY International Gold Medal, LA International Gold Medal